Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics to Track Your Digital Growth

For any website we build or PPC campaign that we manage, we offer reporting and analytics to help track your ROI and uncover oppoptunities for improvement for your business.

Monthly Website Reporting and Analytics

Weekly PPC Reporting 

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Reporting and Analytics Services:

Monthly Website Reporting

We will track your digital growth month over month using Google Analytics. Our reporting will include a detailed breakdown of your website’s audience, acquisition sources, behavior, top performing pages, search queries, and organic search performance breakdown. Within your website analytics report, we will identify key factors that lead to certain performance metrics along with suggestions to improve.

Website Reporting

Weekly PPC Reporting

Improving the performance of your Google Ad campaigns cannot be done without monitoring performance data. We will analyze strong and weak points within your ad groups and provide insights into how to improve your conversion rates. We provide monthly reports that give you a snapshot of how your campaigns are performing compared to other months.

Advertising Report